Increase engagement and drive massive support through video.

Does this sound like you?

You provide a critical service and changes people’s lives for the better, but as a leader of a busy organization, you spend your time running the day-to-day... you simply don't have the time to be creative with how you tell your story.

You know there are better ways to connect with supporters, but you don’t personally possess high-level video, branding, or messaging expertise.

You don’t have, and can’t afford, top quality in-house expertise to spend their days figuring out how to create media and messaging that drives significant impact.

You see other orgs in your space with sticky content, exciting initiatives, and beautiful videos that tell a compelling story, and you don't think you could ever afford to put the time or money into it to make that a reality. 

But, what's actually possible may surprise you...

Imagine a situation where:

  • You have powerful and emotionally gripping video assets that are tailored to your desired audience...not just "nice looking," but effective. Finally, you’re able to really show them the work you do, and most importantly, the impact you’re having on the lives of those you serve. These become the foundational marketing tools to open doors, to provide context to conversations, and provide legitimacy to the plans you’re sharing.
  • Throughout the year you have your own library of footage to use on social media, in emails, and on your website. No more stock photo searches that make everyone cringe.
  • When in conversation with a potential supporter, you have a video case study and professional marketing materials ready to send them that highlight an area they're excited to support. 

This is what we do.

We bring your mission to life through a series of creative video assets that are an absolute must for any nonprofit organization to survive and thrive in today’s marketplace.

The days of simply relying on "good enough" videos and a monthly email newsletter are long over.

Organizations that are embracing the power of story are the ones that will survive.

You do great work. You just need to tell your story in a manner that MOVES people to action. We are proven experts at crafting strategic videos (mission films, case studies, testimonials) that are designed to connect your mission to the hearts of those that can support you the most.

And we do it in 60 days.

We have decades of experience creating videos that have to work. Our system achieves incredible results in an extremely tight window. You'll be amazed to see what we can accomplish in 60 days with a dedicated team of professionals.

It's far more affordable than you may think.

We know money is not overflowing at your organization. We work with nonprofits every day and understand the pressures of an operating budget. The tools we create are designed to not only pay for themselves through increased donations, but provide a critical foundation from which all future fundraising activities can be launched. 

The cost of the investment is straight-forward with no surprises, and is far less than half the cost of hiring an experienced creative that wouldn't be able to produce 1/5 of these resources on their own within a year's time.

It's important to note... In our experience, most of the time a donor steps up to fund the work once they see our work and the potential for your organization.

"Our partnership with Cardinal Studios was an investment in the future of our ministry. The videos we produced together will advance our mission for years to come."

—Zach Janowski,
Executive Dir of Advancement, Brotherhood of Hope

We offer packages designed to take your media assets to a new level of sophistication and impact.

The Critical Assets Package

These are the absolute must-haves for any modern nonprofit to thrive.

  • Mission Film that moves supporters to act. 
  • Filmed Testimonials that personify the type of donors you need to reach.
  • Cinematic Library of Footage that shows your mission in action. Use throughout the year online and on social media.
  • Social Media Assets: 5 Instagram Reels or YT Shorts highlighting key elements of your mission.

    All of this is crafted, filmed, and delivered within 60 days.

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Foundational Assets Package

Narrative case-studies: 
The "proof" that you do what you say you do.

  • Everything in Critical Assets Package, plus...
  • Video Case Studies. 3 short films that capture the heart of the donor, immersing them into the lives of those you serve. 
  • Brand Positioning Guide to help your value prop shine for clients and donors.

    All of this is crafted, filmed, and delivered within 75 days.

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Course/Curriculum Development

Launch a professional course, training series, or curriculum online.

  • You own the IP, we make it happen.
  • A full video series, professionally filmed and edited. On location, in-studio, with or without an audience.
  • Design and typesetting of materials, both online and print.
  • Digital Distribution Platform customized for sales and distribution. Fully automated.

    Delivery time varies, but if the content is ready to go, there's an average 60 day turnaround.

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Fr. Mike Schmitz


"I have loved working with these guys on many projects and they consistently exceed expectations. If you want to tell your story in a way that moves hearts in an excellent and beautiful manner, this is your team!"

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Dan Burke

Founder, Avila Institute

"The Cardinal team was easy to work with, professional, and always delivered what they promised. I plan on using them for our next project and recommend them without reservation."

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Linda Ruf

CEO, JPII Life Center

"Cardinal Studios brings together the highest level of professionalism & creative vision… we could not have had better creative partners... We heartily recommend working with them!" 

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Chris Stefanick

Founder, RLC 

"When I need something big done right, I go to these guys."

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Prof. Bill Jacobson

Founder, Legal Insurrection

"This was a challenging project that had to be done in a short period of time... The end product achieved everything we hoped for..."

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Damon Owens

CEO, Joyful Ever After

“Out-of-the-park, fantastic work... We couldn't be happier."

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David Savage

Former Director, Net Nanny

"Cardinal has consistently exceeded our expectations across several multimedia projects... I couldn't recommend them more highly.”

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Sr. Tonia

Mercedarian Sisters

"Cardinal Studios is a team of highly gifted professionals that truly made our mission and vision their own. They captured who we are in ways we could have only dreamed of... We can’t wait to have another reason to work with them again!"

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Kelly Breaux

Founder, Red Bird Ministries

"Exceptional...impactful...We highly recommend Cardinal Studios."

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