About Us:

We are a team of experienced marketers, publishers, and creatives that will do the work to ensure your video productionĀ drives your mission forward.Ā 

Our Leadership Team

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Chris Cope, Founder/Creative Director

ChrisĀ has worked for 20 years in marketing, branding, and as a creative director, having produced and directed dozens of educational and promotional video resources, short films, and award-winning creative content.

After a successful career in publishing as the Creative Director at Ascension Press, he founded Cardinal in 2017 to create powerful media that helps mission-forward organizations connect with their constituents and further their missions.

He is married to his beautiful wife, Jennifer for 20 years, and they're the proud parents ofĀ five amazing children.

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Mike Fontecchio, Operations/Logistics

Mike has over 20+ years experience in corporate operations, publishing, and digital distribution management.

He and his wife live in Pennsylvania and have six beautiful children. 

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John Manidis, Senior Producer

John holds a degree in film production and is an expert in all aspects of video, film editing, and digital media distribution. 

He and his wife live in Pennsylvania and have two beautiful children. 

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Philip Braun III, Cinematographer

Philip has been Director and lead Cinematographer on multiple nationally-acclaimed and award-winning productions, documentaries, and short films.

He resides in New Orleans.

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