About us

Andy TownsendAndy Townsend, founder
Andy has been turning memories into movies since the mid 1990s. Before committing to this rewarding path, he spent half a decade honing his skills at a TV station. He is a proud member of WEVA and is the only Merited Professional Videographer in Indiana.
TimTim Hashko, cameras
Born and raised in Belarus, Tim has moved to the US to pursue the unlimited opportunities he’d heard of as a boy. His favorite part about documenting any wedding is the newlyweds’ first dance when he gets to waltz with the camera around the happy couple.
MikeMike, editor
Mike is our behind-the-scenes master. He knows everything there is to know about operating systems, motherboards, and video editing. With a degree in video production and his magic touch, Mike turns our raw footage into spectacular and emotional video memories.
ChelseaChelsea, design
After studying both graphic design and fine art, Chelsea has been using her skills to help us find our visual essence. By combining the critical mind of a designer with the visceral mind of an artist, she fills our work with elegance, style and beauty.